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In the period between 1st and 22nd of June, 2017, 8th Russian children`s cinema festival «KinoOstrov» will be held in Saint Petersburg.


It became a good tradition to start summer vacations with meetings of young Russian cinematographers, thus we can see the best works of the whole year, which are made by and for children.


This year the name of our theme is «Tomorrow starts today!»

Festival organizing committee: Autonomous non–commercial organization of realization of innovative cultural and creative projects «Rostiskusstva»

Producer center «Dve stolitsy»

Russian children`s cinema academy «KinoOstrov»

With the support of

Youth center of Cinematographers` Union and International Center of Children diplomacy

The mission of «KinoOstrov» festival is to help growing generation in forming their creative ideology; to encourage the interest in making films of different kinds (fiction, animated, documentary), oriented on children`s and youth audience; to help children and teenagers get joined to the world of cinema.

«KinoOstrov» focuses on the comprehensive children development in the sphere of their future professional interest.

During all the period that «KinoOstrov» exists, it attracts participants with saturated entertaining and learning program, this year there will be also a lot of amusement activities!

Creative teams of cinema schools, theatre and animation studios, pedagogues, tutors and students of these organizations are invited for the participation in our festival.

There is no strong necessity to be a professional in the cinema – on the «KinoOstrov» festival we are happy to meet anyone who is interested in creating films for children audience.

Contest participation is FREE OF CHARGE.

Films included in the contest festival program will be shown in the best movies theatres of Saint Petersburg

Films are accepted until May 25th 2017 inclusive.

Application can be filled in electronic form on the official festival website kinoideti.ru.


Participants could send their films via any file share and provide the organizing committee (this address only – kinoostrov@mail.ru) with the link for downloading.


For more detailed information about all activities, included in the program of 8th Russian children`s cinema festival «KinoOstrov» visit our website kinoideti.ru.


«KinoOstrov» is a launch pad for children from any Russian region. They get a unique possibility to present their talents without any difficulties. We are ready to support the initiative of all our children.


We greatly appreciate your contribution to cinematographer education of Russian children.

Yours sincerely,

Chairman of the organizing committee,

CEO of «KinoOstrov» festival

Savchuk Anna Fedorovna



8 812 922 03 63,

8 911 101 9007 kinoostrov@mail.ru www.kinoideti.ru







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