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«KinoOstrov» team

savchAnna Savchuk - founder and CEO of Russian children`s cinema academy «KinoOstrov» and all–Russian actor agency «KinoOstrov».Our cinema academy has been existing for 5 years, during this time our students have received full educational courses of all cinematographer disciplines, participated in full–length films, serials, advertizing commercials. Our cinema academy can present a great amount of video and cinema works, made by our students. They constantly participate in different master–classes of not Russian, European and American cinematographers in order to improve their level. Our pedagogical membership consists of highly qualified professionals only.
 kinopoisk.ruEvgeniy Savchuk - Russian actor of stage and screen, producer, co–founder and general producer of «KinoOstrov», one of the authors of methodic «Organic existing of young actor while shooting». Official representative of «American film production» company, Los–Angeles, USA, program director of International film festival «Gifts of the Magi», Barcelona, Spain.http://www.kinopoisk.ru/name/2479337/
 pDmitry Barkov - Russian actor, producer and teacher of «Actor technique» subject.
Dmitry was born in the family of D.I.Barkov, Russian People`s Artist, in 1983 played the main role in two famous soviet movies: «Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin, usual and unbelievable» and «Vacations of Petrov and Vasechkin, usual and unbelievable», which made him one of the most popular young actor of those times.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-12-08 um 18.18.32Ivetta Urozhaeva
— chief executive of cinema academy «KinoOstrov», teacher of «Directing» subject, pedagogue. Graduate of Saint Petersburg State University of Cinematography and Television (2007–2012) and student of High School of Cinematographer Art. Ivetta participated in different international film festivals, won two educational grants: Cinemotion lab studio and NYFA.

razMarina Zelik - development director of children cinema academy «KinoOstrov». In 2007 Marina graduated from Saint Petersburg State Institute of psychology and social work.  

koorEkaterina Russo — coordinator of all–Russian actor agency «KinoOstrov». 2009–2013 – Saint Petersburg Cinema and Video technique college, specialty: audiovisual technique and audio support of audiovisual programs.
 IMG_7684Stanislav Demchenko - teacher of «Operator skills and montage» discipline. Since 2004 Stanislav works in non–fiction cinema as montage operator, screenplay writer and director of different documentary films (cinema newsreel «Want to know all»), has different awards in sphere of non–fiction cinema, Gran–Prix of «KinoOstrov» festival 2013.

6Daniil Zlobin - teacher of «Operator skills and montage» discipline. In 2015 Daniil graduated from Saint Petersburg State University of Cinematography and Television, display–oriented art faculty. In 2013 he won the prize in the best camera work category of «KinoOstrov» festival.
5Olga Til - teacher of «Camera work» discipline. In 2013 Olga graduated from the institute of display–oriented arts, faculty of creative display–oriented professions.

4Evgeniy Nedelky - teacher of «Director» discipline. In 2002 Evgeniy graduated from Odesskiy National University of I.I.Mechnikov (International relations), worked as journalist an editor in different socio–political issues of Ukraine, in 2012 graduated from Saint Petersburg State University of Cinematography and Television. Nowadays Evgeniy works as director and dramatist.

3Ekaterina Ionas
 - пteacher of «Actor technique» discipline, graduate of Saint Petersburg Academy of theatre art. Ekaterina participated in projects of different theatres such as Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre, The Komissarjevsky Theatre, The Saint Petersburg State Dramatic Theatre «The Comedians» and others.
 image2Evgeniia Pavlova - teacher of «Stage movement » discipline, actress of state clown–mime–theatre Mimigrants». Evgeniia graduated from Yaroslavskiy State theatre institute, from 2012 member of theatre workers Union.
 vlWpXyVTQmUValeria Galkina — teacher of «Actor technique» discipline. In 2009 Valeria graduated from Saint Petersburg Academy of theatre art.