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Summer cinema Camp

Summer cinema Camp


Lights! Camera! Action!


If you want to hear these words or to say them…


It`s time to go «KinoOstrov»!


Ticket sale for the summer shift has already started!


Our prices have not increased since previous year. 

We love children and do our best in organizing marvelous vacations at  «Kinoostrov».

It is a real cinema camp. There are no division into usual squads, but into cinema studios. Every day we watch festival films and children can try themselves as jury members. Our children have a unique opportunity to receive the experience from cinematographer professionals. The result of our camp work will be the film completely created by our children.

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«Kinoostrov» is all–Russian camp. Children will be free to communicate with their peers from all other the country, who are also interested in the process of filmmaking.

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«Kinoostrov» is a film festival, a kind of children «Oscar». Works are estimated by professional jury, the winners of each category will get their prize.

«Kinoostrov» team includes best masters and pedagogues.

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Comfortable accommodation in rooms for three or four, excellent FB (5 time meal daily).


Vacations dates are from June 1st to June 21st 2017.

Accommodations are provided on base of «Losevskaya» recreation.

The ticket price – 38600 rubles!

You do NOT need to ger the compensation certificate

If you have any questions, please contact Marina (+79119220363) or Anna Fedorovna (+79111019007).


You can book the ticket right now!

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