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Idea of the project

«Cinematography is the most important instrument in determination of generation ideology, because it can get find the response in deep children`s soul and become the motive of all their life»

Russian People`s Artist Viatcheslav Tikhonov


Cinema is not only a wonderful world of dreams and human feelings` generator. We should not forget that cinematography plays the primary role in the mental development of personality, creates the ideological fundament which the most significant people`s values – kindness, sympathy, honour – are based on. Nowadays, in the epoch of total consumption, it is more than actual. That`s why the sphere of national cinema production is one of the basic factors of naton`s moral and mental principles and, accordingly, the safety of nation. As Indira Gandhi said: «The government without its own cinematography is doomed to the loss of sovereignty».

One of the most important cinema functions is educational one. Films we watch create behavioral models we are eventually will follow. So we – as adult people – are responsible for our children orientation`s in the big world, for their choice of the way. We should make our best in order to show children that kinds of art works, which are based on true human values, on love to your neighbor, on perception yourself as a part of a great country. Fortunately, our politicians are beginning to understand this and today we can observe how our native cinematography is rising according to their actions. But till now the industry of cinema is now truly oriented on growing up generation.

We need to renew the culture of children`s cinema in Russia. Not episodically, but systematically, following the national traditions, which took place in Soviet epoch. We must give to children an opportunity for the full creative realization, thus they can understand the depth of classic literature and dramatic art in the format of cinema, which they are so interested in. We feel ourselves so lucky, that professionals of cinema industry reacted on our project so enthusiastically and joined us. With their help we can create whole cluster of children and youth film production. Children`s union of cinematographers, all–Russian system of professional children`s film studios are already created, and our all–Russian children`s cinema festival «KinoOstrov» has joined this infrastructure. We unite all the creative collectives of young cinematographers, including the most distant parts of our country. The status of meetings we organize for our new talents hopefully will encourage them to develop their creative potential.

Festival contest program includes works, made by and with children, from 54 Russian regions – from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Besides, in the context of out–of–competition program we will show films of American and Europe film studios, which were not included in wide release. During the festival we organize master classes, dedicated to major cinema professions: acting technique, directing, screenplay writing, operator skills, plastic male–up and cinematic image`s creation technique, principles of stunts performance in cinema. Festival itinerary provides meetings and workshops with homemade producers of different years.

We believe that debut of our project will be the first step to more purposeful  life ideology of new generations. And with the help of cinema magic we can create a world of love, kindness and tolerance to each other.