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21 Фев 2017

Summer vacations 2017

22 Фев 2016

Summer vacations 2016

22 Фев 2016

Spring vacations 2016

22 Сен 2015

Autumn vacations 2015

8 Апр 2015

Attention parents

8 Апр 2015

New partner

4 Фев 2015

Spring vacations 2015

Terms of participation

We are inviting to participate in the festival:


If you belong to any of these categories and want to make your works (or works of your children as well) to become property of cinema society, we are inviting you as a festival participant. To take part in the contest program, please download the application in the section «Application for participation», fill it up and send be the e–mail to kinoostrov@mail.ru. We will contact you during the day according to your contact details.

Information for the participants:

Contest participation is FREE OF CHARGE. We are accepting applications right now.

Cinema educating program «KinoOstrov cinema camp» – 38 600 rubles (20 days` shift)

KinoOstrov cinema camp presentation

Participants should cover cost of travel at their own expenses. To confirm the number of seats  for the delegation not later than May, 15th 2017. We meet participants at the airports, railway stations, transfer. It is necessary to inform us about the date and time of arrival, indicating train or flight number.

Films and fulfilled applications should be sent by e–mail to kinoostrov@mail.ru

To Anna Savchuk, general producer