• Russian Children's
    Cinema Academy «KinoOstrov»

  • All-Russian Children's
    Acting Agency «KinoOstrov»

  • Invites everyone to discover the world of cinema!


21 Фев 2017

Summer vacations 2017

22 Фев 2016

Summer vacations 2016

22 Фев 2016

Spring vacations 2016

22 Сен 2015

Autumn vacations 2015

8 Апр 2015

Attention parents

8 Апр 2015

New partner

4 Фев 2015

Spring vacations 2015


The jury is made up of workers of culture and art, cinematographers, directors of cinema studios and art unions

Dmitry Astrahan — Russian director of theatre and cinema, honoured art worker of Russia. Chairman of professional jury

Anton Smirnov — CEO of cinema studio «Lennauchfilm»

Konstantin Bronzit — animated film director, winner of more than 120 film festivals, memder of French and American film academies, Cesar (2001) and Oscar (2009) nominee

Angelica Gurskaya — CEO of north–west filial of «Russian newspaper», member of Russian Union of journalists

Ivan Krasko — Russian People`s Artist, headmaster of cinema school «Kadr» on «Lenfilm» studio

Aleksey Shevchenkov — Honoured Artist of Russia, actor of Moscow Art Theatre

Aleksander Uvarov — stuntman, chairman of stuntman`s trade union

Stanislav Ershov — producer, founder of the project «Cinema&Theatre»

Vladimir Alenikov

Anatoly Voropaev — founder of all–Russian children cinematographer festival «Kinoezhik», theatre and cinema producer

Kseniia Malkina – make–up artist, chief executive of «Lenfilm» studio make–up workshop